27 May 2012

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  • Six reasons why the rupee is falling. (BBC)
  • What-if and what-is: The role of Speculation in Science. (NYT)
  • Emperor Akbar shares his secrets of power. (ETAlso check out this list of India’s most powerful CEOs. (ET

Source: Economic Times


Arthi Priyanka said...

I didnt understand the DEVALUATION PRESSURE.Wouldn't people want to convert dollar to rupee and buy goods in India?

What does this mean?

"Importers scamper for dollars to cater for their needs to buy goods abroad.

Exporters cannot bring in enough dollars; in fact, they keep their foreign earnings abroad as they expect the rupee to fall further."

Avinash K said...

Aw loved the article on why the rupee is falling...
Arthi, if I may, here's my explanation for your questions.
Two reasons why people aren't buying goods from India.
1. Our economy is not a manufacturing oriented one like China, we do not much income via our exports.
2. Plus our economy is not showing much of a growth due to policy paralysis of the government and many other reasons which makes the foreign investors opt out of investing in India.
Importers scamper for dollars means, now if I want to import an item from US, I've to spend more rupees than earlier. So, dollars become precious to importers.
Exporters cannot bring in enough dollars means as I've told we don't export whole lot of items to earn enough dollars. And whatever the dollars the exporters earn, due to greed they want to keep it abroad and convert them into rupees later as more the rupee falls more is their profit.
Hope I've answered your question.
Let's await Bharath sir's reply.

Avinash K said...

I've always been curious of how people In the past used to think..
And to know Akbar's views is quite something!
My favourite quotes are: We never reveal ourselves to anyone..Even our closest observers no more about us on the last day than they know on firsr.
We allow no sloth or idleness to find it's way to us.
Be firm with the great, kind to those of low estate, just to all men, high and low, neighbour or stranger..We were sent into the world by providence to live and labour, not for oneself but for others.
May God preserve you all times.
Emperor of Islam, Emir of the Faithful, Shadow of God on earth, Abul Fath Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar Badshah Ghazi

Lazy Fellow said...


I sometimes read your blogs for the past few months. Nowadays I am reading them regularly. One problem is that while reading even for an hour on the laptop screen the eyes start paining. Well I don't have an eye condition and its probably because of the "very white background" of the blog.

My suggestion is that make the background "black" in colour and change the font colour to "light blue". It provides a relaxed view on the eye and the reader can read for hours at a stretch.

I wanted to write this in the feedback section but couldn't find one, so wrote it here.
Hope you don't mind...

Arthi Priyanka said...

@Avinash K .. Thank a ton Avinash ! It was very helpful :-)


Rohith castelino said...

@thank you Avinash it was of great help