30 September 2012

Sunday Reads - India Special Edition

Walk through the Amul Cartoon Factory in Wall Street Journal's interesting piece

The Economist
has a cover story on India, claiming that the country is in search of a dream. Also watch this video story. 

In his Foreign Policy piece titled India, Meet the Icarus Peter Passell warns that "why no one should be surprised that the emerging economic superpower is getting cut back to size". 

Meanwhile, the Times of India says that India is lending Mayawati and ND Tiwari to Afghanistan. The story comes with a footnote: This piece bears no connection to events and characters in real life.
Former UP chief minister Mayawati, who bears a striking resemblance to some strange statues found all over the state, is in the news again. The central government has decided to loan Behenji to Afghanistan to help the state rebuild statues destroyed in the war. 
When asked why she didn't want to go, the former CM is said to have rued the lack of money-making opportunities in the region as well as a shortage of cash garlands. 
Read the complete story here.

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Avinash K said...

The Economist article is spot on the Indian Dream except for the disturbing fact that the Indian Map shown in the article has only half of Jammu & Kashmir. Googled only to find that The Economist is london based publication, does that mean the British are already viewing J&K a part of Pakistan? can't just beilieve it!