29 November 2012

Why no post

Of late, I have not been regular in blogging in this space.

There are two major reasons behind this: I am spending a lot of time reading books across genres while the second and more important reason is that I am spending a great deal of quality time with my two little kids.

No regrets on either account; there is a lifetime to blog.

I hope to go back to posting 3-4 times per week in about three weeks from today.

Thank you!


Avinash K said...

Not a problem! We'll wait! I'll try and cover the posts I missed :)

Rohith castelino said...

I understand the balance you have to maintain between your family, your interests,job and your followers, We'll wait for your posts, I like your recommended reads. And please share your best reads..

Unknown said...

No pressure buddy, take it easy !!!

Ratnadeep said...

Nice time to recap :)

Arpit Agarwal said...

sir, where are u???