25 August 2011

Go Green: Eat Insects!

Any discussion on climate change throws up a lot of terms like global warming, acid rain, greenhouse gases, chlorofluorocarbon, and carbon trading. 

I am not going to any of these; instead I will share an interesting infographic on how our consumption patterns influence emission levels. I found it here

This one says that eating insects, rather than red meat and other types of meat, can reduce emission levels. There are a lot of communities around the world that eat insects; take for example, the folks in Thailand and China and a lot of tribes in the Agency area in Andhra Pradesh (north coastal Andhra Pradesh).

However, some of you will find the idea of eating insects revolting; whatever I found this seriously share-worthy!

I wanted to title this post, 'What's your favourite insect?'. But then I settled for a little less sensational title!


Ratnadeep said...


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hmmmmm.....yummmy.... !

Sai said...

how do they taste.....!!!! :P

Anonymous said...

yuck sir..