13 March 2015

Book Excerpt: Have Pen, Will Travel

A travelogue is personal in nature as it reflects the writer-traveler's perspectivea kind of personal takeon the world around her/him. I like travelogues as they lend us a peep into the mind of the writer.

M. J. Akbar's Have Pen, Will Travel is a brilliant, humorous collection of his observations as a globetrotter. This book was a gift from my dear friend, Sudharsan Ramalingam, a civil servant with the Government of India. 

M. J. Akbar is one of India's finest journalists; he worked as the Editor-in-Chief of Deccan Chronicle and Asian Age. He is also the author of some serious works, like The Shade of Swords and India: The Siege Within. A former Congress MP, currently he is a spokesperson of the BJP.

I am sure you will greatly enjoy this travelogue diary, which is in fact a series of short pieces written over several years. Go ahead, immerse yourself in this brilliant work. 

Title: Have Pen, Will Travel
Author: M. J. Akbar
Publisher: Lotus Roli
Pages featured here: 160-165

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